Charlotte Cory

Charlotte Cory

Visitorian Furnishings

CHAIRS, COLUMNS & CURTAINS - the interior decor that is the sine qua non of Visitoriana

CHAIRS are of immense importance to Visitorians since they were evidently an essential item in any 19th Century photographic studio - to sit on or to lean against for support.  This baby looks as if she is wearing a pretty sash that matches the ribbons on her puff sleeves - actually, she was probably tied to the chair with that blue sash to stop her wriggling about during the long exposure of the plate.  The device worked more or less because as you can see, Whitby Baby is in focus, more or less.  Her fangs certainly are.  This, as her proud Mamma is apt to boast, is a baby with teeth... 

COLUMNS are just as important as chairs for leaning on - although here the pet is also happily sitting on the column.  A pleasing composition - the busy carpet happily offset by the plain backdrop; the tight waistcoat suggesting a good lunch.  The pet keeping still.  This picture is a Visitorian classic

The Colonel Fox Chair

The Winner Chair

The Champion Chair